In Zimbabwe – the Diocese of Masvingo

The Diocese of Masvingo is the newest Diocese in Zimbabwe and when it was formed it did not have a partner Diocese.   Rochester Diocese is linked to Harare and the three other Dioceses that were already in existence were linked with the Diocese of Southwark’s three Episcopal Areas.   So in 2009 Southwark Cathedral became the Link for the Diocese of Masvingo.  In this video Bishop Godfrey speaks about the way in which money which has been sent from Southwark Cathedral to Masvingo Diocese has been used.  Some of the money which goes to Masvingo via the Cathedral is from the Bishop’s Lent and other monies are raised by the cathedral congregation.   Together these help to give budget support to the Diocese of Masvingo and support to the projects which have been proposed in previous Lent Calls.

As well as the ongoing needs mentioned by Bishop Godfrey in the video, this year’s Lent Call monies are asked for supporting their proposal for a greenhouse project at Daramombe Mission Farm which, the Diocese hope, will enhance food security. Recurring dry spells and drought have meant food security is a serious issue in Zimbabwe, and especially in Masvingo as it contains areas which experience the least rainfall in the country. The benefits of greenhouse farming – a longer potential growing time, cost-effectiveness and a high yield – mean this would be a great benefit to the Diocese and the people it serves.

Though it mainly affected other parts of the country, Cyclone Idai has caused a lot of damage in the eastern part of Masvingo Diocese, which borders with Manicaland Diocese. Four people died and nearly 3000 were affected by events including collapsed houses, damaged foodstuffs, and bridges and roads being washed away. Money raised by the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call will be important in rebuilding both the infrastructure and the livelihood of Zimbabwe and her people.


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