In Zimbabwe – The Diocese of Central Zimbabwe

The Rt Revd Ignatios Makumbe was consecrated as the 4th Bishop of Central Zimbabwe on 10 June 2018, taking over from Rt Revd Ishmael Mukuwanda. Bishop Ignatios was previously a non-stipendiary priest in the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe, and brings to the role a wealth of experience in both the church and in business.

As well as the hospital at St Patrick’s Mission, which according to Bishop Ignatios will have had the necessary work done to enable access to the site ‘by the end of this year’, the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe is working on three major income generating projects: a dairy project, solar fields and a gold processing plant. In this video, he tells us about these projects, and the motivation behind them.

As we’ve heard from Bishop Ignatios, the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe is moving forward with these income generating projects as a priority, as they seek to not only provide for their clergy during their ministry and their retirement, but to ensure that their parishioners don’t need to keep contributing to clergy funds. The money that the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call raises isn’t used as a one-off donation to plug a gap in Diocesan finances, but to provide the means to establish long-lasting and forward-thinking projects that can go on helping the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe for many years to come. In the weeks following Cyclone Idai, although Central Zimbabwe Diocese was not in its path, it is clear that it is important to make sure that there are projects and work which will help the Diocese to be able to cope with whatever the future holds.

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