Carlile College

The second week of the Lent Call is devoted to Carlile College in Nairobi.

Church Army Africa (CAA) is a community of Anglican evangelists who are working to bring transformation to Africa.  It is part of the worldwide community of Church Army evangelists in Europe, America and Australia, It was established in 1954.

They are engaged in evangelism and discipleship but they also work to try to enable the transformation of society thought their social programmes which work to improve the lives of those in Africa. They try to achieve this through work in healthcare, primary and secondary education, micro finance, work with young people and children and much more.  CAA does exciting and important work which brings together the original focus of the Church Army of evangelism and its work for social change.

You can learn more about the College here:

The Diocese of Southwark has a number of Church Army Officers who are working in this Diocese. Captain Nick Russell is the Parish Evangelist of St Saviour’s Eltham, the Revd Captain Jeremy Garton is Team Vicar of St John, Caterham, the Revd Captain Mick Hough is Vicar of Holy Trinity, Redhill and the Revd Sister Elizabeth Shearcroft is the Vicar of Immanuel & St Andrew, Streatham. Captain Paul Fitzpatrick works in the North Lambeth Team Ministry, Captain Nicholas Lebey in the Thamesmead Team Ministry and Captain Paul Warren at St James & St Anne Bermondsey.

One Church Army Officer who has worked in many different capacities in the Diocese of Southwark over many years is the Revd Terry Drummond who, as you will hear, was ordained as Distinctive Deacon (a permanent deacon) by Bishop Christopher along with two  colleagues in 2016.

In this short video he tells us a little more about the work of Carlile College and what the money that they will receive from the Bishop’s Lent Call will help to fund.

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