Ash Wednesday 2019 – the Lenten journey begins

As we move into Lent it is helpful to reflect upon our own lives and the lives of those around us in our own communities and more widely in our country and across the world.  Take time to reflect and pray about all that is happening and pray for God’s healing and peaceful hand to rest upon us all.

Here in the weeks of lent we will offer more information about the projects which are being supported through the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call.  Take time to look at the materials which have been sent to your parish or find them on the Diocesan website at

Please pray for those who will benefit from the Lent Call as part of your Lenten discipline and think about how you journey through Lent can help us to reflect upon all that God has given to us and what we can do in response.

Sign up to this blog at and receive notification of when the next blog appears.  We begin with a greeting from Bishop Christopher.

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