Week five – Zimbabwe: “Proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favour”

As we enter the final week of the Bishop’s Lent Call we are continuing to think about our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe. The second of these is the Diocese of Masvingo.

zimbabwemapMasvingo is in the south east of Zimbabwe and is the newest of the five Anglican dioceses in Zimbabwe, having been established in 2001. It is linked with Southwark Cathedral rather than with one of the Episcopal Areas in the Diocese.

As with our other Link Dioceses, education is a vitally important part of the Church’s mission. The future stability of Zimbabwe will be greatly helped by generations of young people coming through the country’s schools equipped with the best possible education that they can get and the church has a major role in providing this.

The Diocese of Masvingo looks after nine Primary and five Secondary Schools and, as in other parts of the Zimbabwe, the infrastructure is in desperate need of attention. Everything from textbooks and stationery to furniture and staff accommodation is in short supply and the Diocese is helping wherever and however it can.


One of the biggest schools in Masvingo is Daramombe High School at the Daramombe Mission in Chivhu. This has close to 850 pupils and has recently been able to increase the number of pupils it can take and educate, after the boarding facilities were expanded through the construction of two hostels, one for girls and the other one for boys and a classroom block consisting of two classrooms.

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During a visit to Daramombe last year, Bishop Christopher and others from Southwark Diocese were able to see the new buildings and were greeted by the choir who sang for them:

Other support has enabled the Diocese of Masvingo to buy batteries for the solar panels in Chidzikwe where there are several projects going on and to repair motorbikes for the clergy to use. Parishes can cover vast areas and a motorbike can make it possible for a member of clergy to get around their parish in much less time. Your support of the Bishop’s Lent Call makes it possible for our Link Dioceses to take on both the big construction projects and the smaller, more local and personal, projects – all of which help towards ensuring that the Church in Zimbabwe can continue to play its part in what we hope will be a brighter future for the country.

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