Ash Wednesday – the Lenten journey begins

Welcome to the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call blog.  During the weeks of Lent we will be bringing you more information about and from the people and places whom we are raising money for this year.

The journey through Lent is different for each of us but it is helpful if it can be a time in which we make extra space for being with God and reflecting upon all that God has done for us.

As part of our Lenten preparations Bishop Christopher’s Lent Call offers a way of responding with generosity to examples of God’s work throughout the world.  This year the Lent Call focuses on work in the Holy Land as the Bishop and the Dean are leading a pilgrimage there in the first full week of Lent.  Then there are three examples of work in our Episcopal Areas and then there are two weeks focusing on work in our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe.  Look out for entries on this blog throughout Lent.

As we begin here is a message from Bishop Christopher.


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